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Sharon Ayers Ehrhardt Email

Date of Post August 11, 2012

Where do you live? Coupland, Texas


What a wonderful tribute! I smiled all the way through the videos I watched and what fabulous memories you have recorded. I'll be checking back. Love to you and the family.

Brenda Andrews Damron Email

Date of Post March 4, 2012

Where do you live? Garland, Texas


Hello Ken: It has way too many years since we last saw or spoke. I do remember your mom. I always liked her. I remember her being strong but loving at the same time. She raised a fine man in you and a wonderful woman in Janice. I am sorry she passed. And am heart broken about Shawn. Danny had told me about it. I believe you have been given a wonderful gift from God. He has opened heaven and given you a small sign. How lucky and blessed you are. I enjoyed the stories...take care.
Your friend from long ago, Brenda.

Joanna Backman Email

Date of Post October 29, 2011

Where do you live? Bloomington, MN


Hello friend, I came upon your website her and wanted to say hello. I was born and raised in Texas and have lived with my family in Minnesota now for nearly 24 years. I lost my own beloved mother, Joyce Ballard Bostwick, 17 years ago, she and my Daddy still lived in our family home in Kyle, Texas, outside Austin. It has been a difficult road without her and I don't think you ever "get over" such a loss, but you learn to live with it and try and live your life as a legacy to your beloved mother. She, too, loved bluebonnets, as do I. She was a graduate of Baylor University and got her Master's in Psychiatric Nursing from the University of Texas. She was smart and funny and dear and generous and left behind many friends and family who miss her everyday. God bless you and yours as you continue your journey without the ladies who, I know, loved you dearly.

Anne Louise Email

Date of Post August 5, 2011

Where do you live? Houston, Texas


I wanted to share with everyone that knew Shawn the day I met him and the day I realized he would no longer be a part of my life. Below is part of an essay I wrote for a class I was taking at the time of Shawn's death. I wrote the essay the Friday night following his death, two days before he was laid to rest. Shawn was unlike anyone I had ever met. Someone who could make the bad times seem good, the hard times seem easy...........

Four years ago I had the good fortune of meeting a young man who will forever hold a special place in my heart. I was shocked when Shawn walked into my office; he was the last applicant scheduled to interview for our nurse residency program. He was 6 feet tall and weighed over 200 pounds, not quite what I expected. Though a giant of a man he turned out to be one of the most gentle and caring individuals I have had the pleasure to meet. Shawn started work the following week and in four short years he managed to grace himself into the lives of everyone he met.

He was the nurse chosen to go to Tucson to participate in the "Syncardia" artificial heart training. We implanted our first artificial heart in January 2011 and Shawn circulated the case. When it was announced that our hospital would be part of a new stem cell research study, a study in which a cardiac surgeon would inject a patient's own stem cells into the heart during cardiac bypass surgery with the hope of improving cardiac function, I was asked by the research team if Shawn would be a part of the team. I told them he was very busy and I doubted he would want to take on more responsibility. I was so wrong; he jumped at the chance. He wanted the opportunity to do everything and see everything. Needless to say when the Core Valve, the first percutaneous valve, was implanted by cardiologist, N.K. on February 16, 2011, Shawn was a part of the team. Shawn took every opportunity to live and experience life to the fullest; he wanted to be a part of it all.

On Wednesday, June 22, 2011, Shawn failed to show up for his scheduled 7a-7p shift. It is too numerous for me to remember the number of staff that came to my office that day to tell me they had texted him and he had not responded; all they could say is that he always responds. He never misses work. As the hours passed, concern grew. Mid-afternoon, two of his co-workers asked if they could leave to check on him. Unfortunately, the outcome was not what we had hoped, but what we had feared. Sadly for us, Shawn had passed away sometime during the night Tuesday. He was 33 years old, an only child. An individual loved not only by his family, but everyone blessed to know him.

When I read the following passage it made me realize how painful the initial realization is that someone you love is gone. As Tesik said, "It's all right to cry, and I share your tears. So allow yourself to feel what comes naturally, but know that someday life will be better and it will be easier to smile." (Tesik, 2001). The hurt is fresh, the pain is deep, only time will make it subside, but never will it be forgotten. I think in time we shall all find solace knowing that Shawn lived life to the fullest. He had a passion and love for life; A&M football, downhill skiing, running for a cause, the Dixie Chicken; but his greatest love, his Mom. I know he would want us to go on living, not just living, but living life to the fullest.

Shawn, no one is saying goodbye, but "Gig 'em" for now! See you at "Aggie Muster"!

Zoli Email

Date of Post August 4, 2011

Where do you live? Kailua, HI


Uncle Kenny, the site is amazing and hearing Shawn's voice is like he's still with us. I too think about Shawn on a daily basis and miss him so much. Some days are better than others. I know he's still watching over all of us and will always be there in my heart. I'm proud to say that he was my brother and the good times we all shared with him will always be with us. It's hard to believe we're approaching 2 months. Makes you think how precious life is and how fast time flies. I can't wait to come home and see everyone and go see Shawn and have a Lone Star with him. Love you and miss you Shawn.

Joseph Sodolak Email

Date of Post August 3, 2011

Where do you live? College Station, Texas


There is not a day that goes by that I don't think about Shawn. Almost everything I do, hear, see triggers a memory or just a thought of him. In truth, living in College Station and working for Texas A&M, makes it hard not to think of him. But that's ok, cause I like thinking about him and all the great times together. I enjoy talking with John, Zoli, my brother, and everyone else about the great memories we have with Shawn. I love you Shawn, you were more than a friend to me. You were a brother who I miss dearly. Thank you for being a part of my life and for letting me be a part of yours.
Uncle Kenny, your site is wonderful. I truly enjoy watching the videos and hearing Shawn's voice. I'm sure these web pages aren't an easy thing to do but I'm glad you did them. Take care of yourself, love ya!

Uncle Punk Email

Date of Post August 3, 2011

Where do you live? Lampasas, Texas


I would like to share the letter I wrote to you and Carlos read for me at your service.

To Punk from Uncle Punk:
When you were about 10 years old, I walked into the house and said "What's happenin' PUNK?" You turned around and said "Nothing, UNCLE PUNK". Then you thrust your chest out and walked away with such pride. That started it. Today, I wear the badge of Uncle Punk with pride and dignity because of you.

You were the son I never had. You were my traveling buddy, my glassburger buddy. You were my football buddy. You even converted me to a Packer fan! You were my Aggie buddy. You were my music buddy, my Stevie Ray buddy, my Ragweed buddy. You were my spiritual link to Grandma buddy. You were my buddy, PERIOD!

Just think of all the hearts you had a positive effect on, both literally and emotionally. Just look around. Nuff said. Even though our hearts are breaking, I am so thankful for the 33 years you filled mine with pride and joy. You accomplished so many things that I never could. In every sense of the word, I looked up to you! You are my shining star. You give us all so many reasons to stay positive, continue to achieve in life, all to make you proud of us.

Your final resting place is so fitting and deserving. You are near to one of your favorite patients. You are a pillar on the west end of campus. You are truly one of the noble men of Kyle. And just think, you finally get to meet Grandpa Punk, also known as Emory Sessions Miller, Class of '42.

You have been and always will be the best part of us all.

Until our next road trip..........Uncle Punk

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